Water Utility

The City of Enumclaw's Water Utility operates a water supply system providing safe, reliable and customer-oriented service to 5,600 customers within the city and portions of unincorporated King County encompassing approximately 37.8 square miles. The city has 4 groundwater sources at 3 sites to the east of the city:
  • Boise Springs
  • PC Johnson Wellfield
  • Watercress Springs
Water Facility
The city also has an emergency inter-tie connected to the Tacoma Water pipeline that passes through the city, however the inter-tie has not been used since 2003. The city plans to incorporate the Enumclaw Golf Course well into the municipal water system as an additional source.

City Water Health
To protect customer health all the city sources are treated with chlorine for disinfection. The City of Enumclaw does not add fluoride to its sources. The city does raise the pH of the Boise and Watercress sources to reduce the potential for the water to corrode metal piping.

Water Storage
Water storage is provided by 5 reservoirs that have a total maximum capacity of 4.74 million gallons (MG). In addition, the city’s water system has 9 pressure zones with 1 pressure reducing station, 7 booster pump stations, and approximately 143 miles of water main. The physical geography of the water service area includes a range in elevation from approximately 1,100 feet in the eastern portion to approximately 520 feet along the boundary with the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation.

Water Service Reliability
The city’s practice of continually seeking to improve its water service and reliability has led to the implementation of many improvement projects over the years, including:
  • Replacing of over 33 miles of distribution main from 1996-2002 funded by city revenue bonds and a state low-interest loan
  • Purchasing 0.59 million gallons per day (MGD) of additional source capacity from the City of Tacoma from 1998 to 2005 and increasing pumping capacity at the inter-tie in 1998
  • Drilling a replacement well at its PC Johnson well site in 1997
  • Installing an impermeable membrane liner in the city’s oldest underground reservoir in 2002 to significantly reduce water lost from the reservoir
  • Installing over 1.5 miles of water main and constructing a corrosion control treatment facility with new booster pump station in 2002 to meet lead and copper rule requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and increase chlorine contact time prior to the first customer
  • Upgrading operation of the Tacoma inter-tie to automatically respond to water quality changes from the City of Tacoma pipeline in 2006
  • Sharing in the cost of replacing a section of the City of Tacoma’s 54-inch pipeline at the city’s inter-tie to allow the inter-tie to operate at low flows in the Tacoma pipeline
  • Replacing approximately 2,000 feet of water main in 2006 and 2007
  • Completing a new water system plan in 2007 that identifies a new list of improvements for implementation
  • Installing a 200 hp replacement well in 2008 at the Watercress Springs site and replacing the 150 hp pump motor starter in 2010
  • Removing and replacing and/or relocating sections of water main in conflict with county or state road and bridge projects at various locations at various times
  • Completing design for a new well at the city’s golf course to improve water supply to the course and to the city’s potable water system
  • Updating the city’s wellhead protection plan in 2009
  • Acquiring a small private water system of over 100 customers located in the northern part of the city’s service area in 2009
  • Replacing approximately 600 feet of leaking ductile iron water main in corrosive soil with high density polyethylene pipe in 2011
  • Coordinating with the Garrett Street Improvement Project in 2011 to replace and add services and hydrants within the project limits prior to final paving
  • Completing a new water system plan in 2013 (see link below to view the plan)
  • Replacing approximately 530 feet of steel water main with ductile iron and high density polyethylene pipe in 2014.
Customer Service
The City of Enumclaw Water Utility is committed to providing excellent customer service. For any service questions, please contact the City Shops at 360-825-5541 or Scott Woodbury at 360-615-5728. For all billing questions, contact the Finance Department at 360-825-3591, ext. 0.