Board, Commissions & Committee

  1. City Council

    Get information about the City Council: meet the members, plan to attend a meeting, and review meeting agendas and minutes.

  2. Design Review Board

    The Design Review Board is a 5 member body which reviews and approves building designs, landscaping, and site plans to ensure an aesthetic design and compliance with the city's codes.

  3. Hearing Examiner

    The office of Hearing Examiner is an independent office of the city for the conduct of hearings on land use matters involving the interests of the city and its citizens over which jurisdiction from time to time is conferred on the Hearing Examiner by ordinance.

  4. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission is a 7 member body that acts to analyze, research and make recommendations to the City Council regarding the appropriate use and development of land throughout the municipality.

  5. Urban Forestry Committee

    The Urban Forestry Committee handles matters concerning the modification of trees within the city.