2015/2016 Comprehensive Plan Update

The Comprehensive Plan contains the community’s vision for its future and sets policy and guidance to achieve the vision. In addition to the vision of the future, the plan also includes “Elements” that address a wide range of topics including land use, housing, transportation, capital facilities and utilities, parks and recreation and economic development.  The Comprehensive Plan also provides a policy framework that guides the City’s other functional plans such as the Park and Recreation Plan, the Comprehensive Water System Plan and the Comprehensive Sewer System Plan.

The Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A) contains requirements for the content of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, requires that the Comprehensive Plan be updated on a regular schedule, and requires that a Comprehensive Plan cover a 20 year time period. This 20 year time period is also known as the “Planning Horizon”.

The City’s current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2005 and covers the time period from 2005- 2025. The land use, transportation and capital facilities element have all been amended since 2005, but a comprehensive update of the plan hasn’t been completed since the plan was adopted. Under the Growth Management Act, the City is required to update the Comprehensive Plan in 2015. The planning horizon for the Comprehensive Plan will be 2015-2035.  All current update materials can be found below under the heading "2015/2016 Comprehensive Plan Update Documents".
Update Schedule and Documents
The Planning Commission has completed review of the DRAFT Vision Statement, Introduction and Background, Population and Demographics and the Land Use Element, Community Development and Design, Transportation, Housing, Natural Environment, Parks and Recreation, Economic Development and Human Services (DRAFT Elements are below).  In 2016, once a complete draft of the comprehensive plan has been compiled, a series of public open houses will be scheduled to solicit community input. If you would like to be notified of open houses or other related information or would like to provide comments, please email compplan@ci.Enumclaw.wa.us. Here is a copy of the proposed public participation program *click here*.
Community Visioning Process
In 2014, the City conducted a community visioning process to solicit ideas, desires and community preferences for the future of Enumclaw and to inform the comprehensive plan update. The results of the visioning process are available below. The results of the visioning process have been incorporated into the draft Vision Statement found in the comprehensive plan documents. The DRAFT Public Participation Schedule is Here (this schedule is subject to change).

2015/2016 Comprehensive Plan Update Documents