May 01

Mayor’s Message for May: Emergency Preparedness - Be informed. Be prepared.

Posted on May 1, 2018 at 10:27 AM by Jan Molinaro

Mayor’s Message for May
Emergency Preparedness - Be informed. Be prepared.

 Any citizen that lives in and around Enumclaw should be aware that our community is located in an area in which natural disaster can happen. Whether it might be the eruption of a dormant volcano to an earthquake, each household should be prepared with food, medical and other needed supplies to sustain each family member.  

It has been said that we need emergency items to last at least 72 hours before any assistance might arrive. It has also been said that a much longer time frame should be prepared for, such as 3 weeks. If it is an extreme event affecting most of Puget Sound, emergency personnel will be overwhelmed. That could mean Enumclaw will be on its own possibly cut off from other communities. Be ready, be prepared. 

So what can a family do now to be ready, just in case. Develop an emergency plan. This might include what you and family members should do if disaster strikes during the middle of a week day. What are the routes you may need to take to get home safely. Have several maps printed and kept in your car as you cannot be sure that your Smart Phone mapping app will even function. What is your children’s school emergency plans? Ask how the school will communicate with families during a crisis. Ask if the school stores adequate food, water, and other basic supplies. Find out if the school is prepared to shelter-in-place if need be, and where they plan to go if they must get away. Additional information can be found at various government and private organization web sites, such as the American Red Cross and FEMA. 

There are utilities that may need to be shut off during a natural disaster to prevent additional destruction to your home; natural gas, water and electricity. Because there are different shut-off procedures for each utility and different configurations, it is important to contact your local utility company for guidance. Each family member may be informed on the shut off procedures. 

If an earthquake, winter storm, or other disaster strikes our community, you might not have access to food, water, and electricity for days, or even weeks. By taking some time now to store emergency food and water supplies, you could provide for your entire family. This kit could include one gallon of water per person, per day. Non-perishable, easy-to-prepare food items. Flashlight with extra batteries. Hand crank radio (Enumclaw has an AM radio station that is solely maintained to transmit messages in a time of emergency. Citizens should note that if needed, to tune their radio to 1650 AM for current information in a time of emergency or disaster). First aid kit. Extra medications and medical items. Emergency blankets. The list is longer and encourage you to check other web sites for more information as you build your kit.  

Be informed. Learn the types of disasters or emergencies that may likely occur in our area. These events can range from those affecting only you and your family, like a home fire or medical emergency, to those affecting your entire community, like an earthquake or flood. Identify how local authorities will notify you during a disaster and how you will get information, whether through local radio, TV or NOAA Weather Radio stations. When a major disaster occurs, our community can change in an instant. Loved ones may be hurt and emergency response is likely to be delayed. Make sure that at least one member of your household is trained in first aid and CPR. Know your children’s school emergency plan. If you go to the school, the doors will likely be locked to keep your children safe as they shelter-in-place. 

If one thought has come to mind while reading this month’s message, it hopefully is that preparing for an emergency can involve several items for you and your family. Take things step-by-step as you prepare. Do not become overwhelmed as you plan and prepare methodically. Use these resources at either Federal Emergency Management Agency better known as FEMA and the American Red Cross. Both have web sites with additional preparation information. Listed here are those two sites;

 Mark your calendars now as there is an Emergency Preparedness Fair tentatively being planned for Saturday, September 15 at the Enumclaw Expo Center. More information will follow in the coming months.

Apr 03

Mayor's Message for April

Posted on April 3, 2018 at 11:08 AM by Jan Molinaro

Mayor’s Message for April

Sexual Assault Awareness Month


The month of April has been designated Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the United States, and Enumclaw is taking part in this important month of awareness, education, and prevention. The goal of Sexual Assault Awareness Month is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence. By working together and pooling our resources during the month of April, we can highlight sexual violence as a major public health, human rights and social justice issue and reinforce the need for prevention efforts.


Sexual abuse affects many in our community, both adults and children. Over 6,600 adults and children in King County have sought services from accredited sexual assault resource centers. Sexual assault is a vastly underreported crime for a number of reasons: survivors often feel they won’t be believed or that nothing will be done to hold their perpetrator accountable.


But we’ve recently reached an important turning point in our culture, fueled by engagement in the #MeToo

movement on social media. It’s an opportunity to redouble our efforts as individuals, as a community, and as

a society to reject sexual violence in all forms.


A disturbing fact about sexual assault is that it is a major cause of youth homelessness, with more than 40% impacted by this violence before they become homeless. Untreated, youth are more likely to remain homeless and are at greater risk of additional sexual assault or exploitation on the streets. Prevention, as well as what techniques and behaviors an adult should be aware, can be viewed at 


Help is available for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse or needs information. The nonprofit King

County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC) operates a 24-hour Resource Line, at 1-888-99-VOICE,

and offers a wealth of resources to help prevent and end sexual violence on its website at,


En Español

KCSARC also provides free, confidential services for victims of sexual assault and their families in the Spanish-speaking community. The Dando Voz (Giving Voice) program offers all of KCSARC’s current services for victims of sexual assault in Spanish, including general advocacy, child advocacy, legal advocacy, medical advocacy, parent education and therapy. If you have a need to receive information in Spanish, please call 425-282-0332, or email


There are many other national organizations that discuss ways to prevent sexual abuse as well as prevention of child sexual abuse. I encourage everyone, parents and guardians to check out these sites for important information. Having the knowledge and discussing with children about the information from some of these prevention organizations could be key in keeping them safe. It is important to recognize the signs of sexual assault in all areas of interaction, whether in schools, home or business.






Mar 27

March Message

Posted on March 27, 2018 at 9:41 AM by Travis Rose

Mayor’s Message 

Aquatic Center

 Welcome to what I hope will become a regular message from the Mayor to you our citizens. It is my intent to provide city information on a regular basis. The range of items to be discussed is anything that pertains to our city. Your one click away from being informed on several topics.

 The first topic is a deep subject, our Aquatic Center. Last year City Council approved money for a study on where our pool is as an entity and what improvements must be done to keep it operating at a high standard. The facility is over 40 years old and was built in the early 1970’s by King County. In February 2003 the City Council placed on a Special Election ballot a Levy in the amount of $0.16/$1,000 of assessed valuation. It passed with over 87% approval.

 The City of Enumclaw accepted the transfer from the County in April 2003, as well as the golf course. It was anticipated at that time that revenue from the golf course would sustain the expenses at the pool. Starting in 2017 the amount of General Fund money transferred out for the expenses of the pool, had increased beyond the $0.16/$1,000 of assessed value. 

The pool evaluation which has been submitted to the city and city council, has identified an estimated total of $463,000 of maintenance and improvements. It did not address every aspect of the pool building.

 The next steps in determining what direction our community should move on the pool improvements and long term financial stability has been taken. A seven member Citizens Advisory Committee for the Aquatic Center (CAC) has been assembled with a cross section of citizens that live both in the city limits as well as outside the city limits. They are being tasked with review of the pool evaluation, how to best fund the pool improvements recommended by the evaluation and what is the best way to fund a long term solution for the pool’s revenue stream for the next generation.

 The CAC is meeting on Thursday, February 22 to begin the month’s long task of providing City Administration and City Council with recommendations. I encourage all interested citizens to provide feedback and stay engaged as the CAC proceeds with this important research.  

On Monday, March 5 starting at 6 PM the City Council will have a Workshop with the pool being the only topic. Mark your calendars to become more informed as this issue begins the process. 

Open House & Coffee with the Mayor 

An invitation is extended to all citizens to attend an Open House & Coffee with the Mayor at City Hall. The event is scheduled for Monday, March 5 from 8:30 – 10 AM in Council Chambers. Take this time to meet the Mayor and discuss any city issues and topics.